These lightweight systems are rugged and durable, constructed to be used many times over. 


Each of our systems have been designed for easy installation and dismantling.


All Protective Roofing Products are tested and engineered to meet and exceed OSHA and MOL regulations.


The PR 20 Eave Catchguard System is an easily installed guardrail for steep roofs that controls the debris on those steep roof tear offs. The fastening bracket is slotted like a common roof jack, allowing the new roofing material to be installed right over the bracket. Spike the bracket to a rafter with 5-20 penny nails and place a bracket and stanchion every 8 feet. The PR 20 Eave Catchguard System was tested to withstand fall impacts whish exceed OSHA standards making it safe for workers on the roof and on the ground.


The PR 100 Safety Guardrail System is comprised of a stanchion and three seperate mounting brackets to fit different applications. It will allow man and equipment to work up to the edge of the roof. The standard bracket is the Compression Bracket which will clamp o a parapet up to 14" wid. If the parapet is wider than 14" we can provide extensions to fit any width. The stanchion has a guide welded on the side that will slide along a tube, on the compression bracket, in toward the wall and a spring laoded pin will lock it into place. PLeace a bracket every 8 ft. and pplace 10ft 2x4s thought the rail sleeves. Two men can easily set up 100ft of guardrails in 25 minutes. The system does not have to be dismantled to install flashing and coping.

The PR 600 Mobile Fall Protection System was designed to be used on top of flat roofs. Three workers can be tied off at the same time to the same unit two for fall arrest and one for fall restraint. This fall protection stem clamps to any standard utility trailer. This allows the PR 600 to be moved easily along the roof's top by simply pulling the trailer to the desired working location them turning the handle on the wheel hack lifts the ballast weight and lowers the pivot arms so that they touch the roofs deck, setting the fall protection system in place. The PR 600 meets OSHA compliance 1926D Fall Arrest Anchor.

The PR 2000 Safety platform meets OSHA requirements, eliminating the need for tie off and is a work platform that increases productivity and job quality, saving time, and money. The PR 2000Bracketed scaffold was tested to 4700 lbs of downward load. The PR 2000 exceeds OSHA compliance as a ctch platform, making the system the only means of fall protection requiredfor your roofing project. When using the PR 2000 on your roofing project you will find that it will speed up production by controlling falling debris in those steep roof tear offs, minimising ground clean-up and ground damage. The system will give you a strond stable working platform from the beginning to the end of the project withough interfering with the roofing work, =soffit facia, gutters or cornice work. A safe working environment is created and loading materials onto steel roofs is made easier with the use of the PR 2000. The system allows for the installation of gutters with a roof flange. Corner Units are also available.