Welcome to Protective Roofing Products Ltd.


It is the policy of Protective Roofing Products Ltd. to provide temporary guardrail and platform systems to such a quality that will ensure full customer satisfaction with our level of service.




Our primary goal is to meet customer requirements at a cost acceptable to the company and our customers which will lead to a sustainable competitive advantage and a reputation for quality as a reputable organisation. All Protective Roofing Products are tested and engineered to meet and exceed OSHA and MOL regulations. These lightweight systems are rugged and durable, to be used many times over. Each of our systems have been designed for easy installation and dismantling.


We base our estimates on using the best and most effective materials available to provide you with a quality product. Feel free to discuss with us any alternatives you have in mind which will then become negotiable, but please note we have a minimum quality standard which is used to protect our reputation.


We will replace any faulty / damaged goods supplied by us free of charge unless the fault / damage is caused by vandalism or extreme weather conditions, which should be insured by the customer as long as this is agreed prior to invoicing, with a written order including legitimate number.


We will fulfill a contract, to a customer’s budget price (see above). Where we accept to carry out work to certain companies or institutions prior to an order being issued (to facilitate urgent completion) we will negotiate a fair price in agreement with the