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The Original Manufacturer of the Mobile Fall Protection System.

PROTECTIVE ROOFING SAFETY PRODUCTS is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of roofing guardrails and mobile fall protection systems.

These lightweight systems are rugged and durable, designed to be used many times over. Each of our systems have been designed for easy installation and dismantling.

SPAR-Marathon Roofing Supplies is pleased to announce that we have acquired the selected assets of Protective Roofing Products Limited.

Please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you: Call: (416) 745-4111 or Toll-Free: (800) 387-2873, email:



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PR 100 Guardrail System

The PR 100 Guardrail System is an efficient and practical perimeter guardrail that allows you to work right to the edge of the roof.

  • PR 100 meets and exceeds OSHA & WCB requirements
  • Accommodates: parapets and cant strips
  • Provides unobstructed access to roof edge for people and equipment
  • PR 100 are easy to instal
  • Standard 2”x4” wood is added for rails
  • The system does not have to be dismantled to install flashing or coping

The PR 100 Guardrail System is comprised of a stanchion and either a compression bracket, a wall mount bracket or a nailer bracket are available for different roof applicatications.

Placeholder imagePR 100 Guardrail System
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PR 600 Mobile Fall Protection System For Flat Roofs

The PR 600 is a Fall Arrest Anchoring System designed for use on flat roofs. The PR 600 clamps onto our specially designed roof cart. The PR 600 can be moved along the roof by pulling the cart to the desired working location. Then adjust the ballast weight, which sets the system in place, providing a fall safe working area. The PR 600 meets O.S.H.A. compliance 1926.502D.

The PR 600 mobile provides fall protection for up to 3 people, with 2 for fall arrest and 1 for fall restraint. Lightweight design makes the system easier to lift over ducts and piping that may lay over roof’s work surface. The component parts can even be taken up to the roof in an elevator. The system is easy to assemble and dismantle.

  • Removing or installing coping
  • Tear off and installation of leading edge
  • Removal & replacement of in-field roof deck
  • Installing or dismantling edge guardrail systems
  • Working around roof openings
  • Removing or installing covers or skylights
  • Snow removal

If a worker falls over the edge, pivot points dig into roof and ballast weight resists the overturning moment, arresting the worker’s fall.

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SR-1 Hot Line Safety Rail System

Provides the ultimate safety at the hot line loading area and roof edge. Meets OSHA* requirements withstanding a force of 200 lbs. in any direction. The kit consists of:

  • 8’ front section
  • 5’ side sections (2 required)
  • ballast counterweights (6 required)
  • connecting rods (2 required)

Available option:

  • hot pipe holding bracket

The bottom cross sections (toe boards) are welded steel and do not require additional wood as a bottom cross section.

SR-1 Hot Line Safety Rail System

SR-2 Safety Rail System

Unlimited applications wherever a sturdy portable safety rail is needed. Allows work to be done next to the roof edge. Can also be used as a hot line safety rail or around hoisting equipment. Meets OSHA* requirements withstanding a force of 200 lbs. in any direction.

Sold individually:

  • 10’ safety rail
  • 8’ safety rail
  • 5’ safety rail
  • base plate with 4 pins
  • base plate mover dolly
  • 2 x 6 wood cross section (toe board)
SR2 Image

Base Plate Mover Dolly

  • easily moves & positions heavy base plate
Base Plate Mover Dolly

*Current OSHA at time of printing. For OSHA regulations please call OSHA or our office.

Perimeter Warning Line System

Acts as a visual warning for hazard areas etc. Meets OSHA* requirements. The stanchion easily slips out from the weighted base plate for easy transportation and storage.

Sold individually:

  • base plate and stanchion
  • 100’ of flags

Four base plates and stanchions are recommended for 100’ of flags.

Perimeter Warning Line System Perimeter Warning Line System

Folding Perimeter Warning Line System

This folding option is completely self contained with no removable parts. Folds together easily into a very compact unit for carrying and storage. Each stand is sold separately. Four stands are recommended for every 100’ of flags.

Folding Perimeter Warning Line System Folding Perimeter Warning Line System
Protective Roofing Safety Products

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